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Explore 6 Caribbean Islands – What To Do & See

Relaxing on Caribbean Beach in St Croix

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August 14, 2016 by Andrew Gavin

Which Caribbean island to choose?  Well we couldn’t decide and facing frigid weather we embarked on a 6 island cruise from Puerto Rico which gave us a taste of multiple islands in one trip.  So if you are looking to break away from the cold consider booking a cruise through the Caribbean or pick one and just go with the flow… here are the best things to see and do on these 6 Caribbean islands.

Beaches and Palm Trees In Puerto Rico

Palm Tree in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has a lot of great beaches, so make a little extra time and enjoy some beach time.

The Bluest Waters in Barbados

Pier stretching out in turquoise blue water

On our 6 island cruise, Barbados had the bluest waters which are home to Sea Turtles.

Swim with Sea Turtles in Barbados

Sea Turtle Oistens Barbados

There are a couple of swim with the Sea Turtles excursions on the cruise. But if you snooze you lose out, as we did, so we did the next best thing and jumped on a bus to Oistens where the locals said you can see Sea Turtles from the shore.  READ MORE

Try a Flying Fish Sandwich in Barbados

Surfer Cafe lunch spot in Barbados

Keep an eye out for the unexpected find.  While on a bus headed towards Oistens in Barbados we saw this great looking spot, which ended up having the local beer and an awesome flying fish sandwich.

Enjoy Local Brews With Beautiful Views

Antigua Lager in Antigua

Almost every island we visited had their own local beer.. Take the time and try them all while taking in incredible views.

Dolphin Watching in St Lucia

Dolphins jumping in St Lucia

St. Lucia is one of the few places in the world where Sperm Whales frequent, so take a whale and dolphin watching tour in search of the mighty mammals. Although we did not see the whales on the trip we were lucky enough to see a pod of dolphins 100+ strong.

Swim with Stingrays in Antigua

Antigua has one of the best opportunities to swim with Stingrays in shallow water.  Awesome opportunity to spend a half day on the water and meet some new friends.

Enjoy the Beach on the Dutch side of St Maarten/St Martin

St Maarten/St Martin Phillipsburg beach

And walk the city streets, which are packed with souvenir shops and are quite lively.

Enjoy the Beach on the French side of St Martin/St Maarten

The beach in St Martin

Orient Bay Beach on St. Martin, the French side of the island. There are inexpensive shuttles/buses that will take you around the island. Make sure to give yourself a little extra time to get back to the boat if you venture over to the French side from the port town of Phillipsburg.

Eat Seafood along the Beach in St Martin

Grab lunch at one of the many spots on Orient Bay Beach. There are also many watersport rental options along the beach.

Relax on the Beach in St Croix

Relaxing on Beach in St Croix

The beaches in St. Croix are difficult to get to and you will likely have to cab it there if you are not staying at a resort with a beach.  St Croix is a quiet and relaxing island, and so enjoy.

Hike the Rainforest in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico El Yunque Rainforest

Hike El Yunque National Forest enjoying waterfalls and expansive views from Britton tower.  This is the only tropical rainforest in the US and is a beautiful forest.